Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Evening the Second Week

During the second week they found another evening to finish up some of the little things.Switches all installed.
And I have a stereo again.

Brandon under the truck figuring out how to install the tank drain.

This was harder than they thought.
Believe me that floor was cold and hard but after this day there was very little left to do.

The Second Weekend

The second weekend they were ready to do all the wiring and try and finish the fuel lines.There were lots of wires.
When the box first came we thought this was the mask you had to wear to ride in this truck instead it houses the fuel gauge for the vegetable oil tank.
Why is my stereo on the table?
Oh no! my poor truck.
Well that is where the stereo belongs.
Checking out the circuit board.
No Brandon it is not candy! They were reading the little pieces for the wiring. Lets hope they put them all in the right places.
Looking at where the circuit board will go.
Brandon had to do this part and he barely fit.

They are looking at where they need to put a hole for the switches.
That's the spot.
Switches installed and they look good but they will not work in the kitchen.
Hey! Does anybody know what this is for? We think it is to open cans as the trash bag will not stay hung on it.
Jeff is so silly when I want to take pictures.
I really do not think the hoses go in this way.
Yup I am sure of it. There was one if the bung holes in the tank that ended up being the wrong size. James sent me the fitting and the guys building the tank had them but I guess they did not look at them. Any way Jeff had to wait to tie in the tank until he could run around town to look for the right piece and you do not do that here in Huron on Sunday.
They were tired and dirty again after that weekend.

Step Two Mid Week the First Full Week

Well some time during the week after that first weekend they had time during the evening to work some more . You can see all the parts they still have to put back and on.Parts I hope they know where goes back.
Lots of fuel hoses to run and that is the next step.
Jeff had put a few things back on the engine.
Brandon drilling holes in my truck to run the fuel lines through.
The two conferring about where the holes should go and how big they should be.
Jeff looking at the V3 unit and making sure all is right.
More conferring.
I think they were feeding the lines in to make sure they would fit. It took a couple of work sessions to get all the fuel lines run.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The first day of the conversion.

This first part of the conversion actually took a long three day weekend . Both Jeff and Brandon took Friday off from work and they had hoped to get much farther but things did not go very well for them. I was gone and they were worn out and grumpy by the time I got back.
Things laid out ready to go. All nice and neat as you can see. One thing Jeff is is very neat and orderly.
The important tool for the weekend a wench cut in half.
Things like alternators and such had to all come off the engine.
The tiny nasty plugs that took three days to pull off.
One of the new fuel lines installed.
The nasty plug still in the engine. I know I am out of order but then there were four places they had to get plugs or lines loose.
Some where in here was another fuel line to take out.
See I told you they had to take stuff off the engine.
Brandon the contortionist was trying to reach a plug. Too bad we do not have pictures of Jeff trying to do this.
An antique wrench they were trying to use because it was small enough to get in the spot.
Those nasty plugs just seemed to multiply.
Brandon after finally getting one off.

Through all of this they were taking out extra plugs and rerouting fuel lines so that the diesel and oil can each have their own feed lines into the engine.
To do this project Brandon wanted to start from scratch but I wanted to get it done and I really liked this kit for it's simplicity of operation. All automatic is a good thing for me these days.

The kit came in 4 or 5 boxes and there were lots of parts and pieces.
The V3 unit all wrapped up.
Lots of hose and filters.
Lots of parts and pieces.